Original Fake Leather Belt @ Colette

Following up on the Original Fake leather belt we showed you last week we now bring you additional images including an all-black version. Although in Japan their going for about $400, you can now get it at Colette for a cool $640. Yes, $640 for a belt.

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pic and info: Colette

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  • Sons

    While I have been a fan of Kaws for a long time, I find it almost repulsing that he is charging absurd amounts of money for these products. If he is considered a successor to the Pop Art movement shouldn’t his products be readily available to the masses, much in the way Keith Haring’s Pop Shop was? I am growing a tad tired of this person and his money-grubbing ways.

  • Nero Aurelius

    He makes some dope stuff, but the shit is waaay too overpriced, to the point where you just get turned off from the whole thing and say fuck that. it’s bullshit.