Five Questions with Jeff Staple + iDiom 2010 Collection

„Each season we revisit every detail of iDiom. So nothing is a repeated style with different colors.”

Jeff Staple (left) with Hiroshi Fujiwara (far right)

mashKULTURE: How has 2009 been treating you personally?

Jeff Staple: It’s quite good. I’m doing what I love. I have a great team that I love working with. Hopefully we are doing something we love. Can’t ask for much more.

mashKULTURE: How has the current economic situation affected the Reed Space and Staple Design?

Jeff Staple: Well, for Reed Space, we are (knock on wood) consistently defying all odds. As news of worsening retail numbers keep haunting us, Reed Space is eclipsing 2008 numbers each and every week. It’s simply incredible to witness. I hear one thing on the news and see a totally opposite thing in my sales reports. I’m always the pessimistic one though. I keep waiting for it to all come crashing down on us soon. We’re doing nothing extraordinarily special or different. Just working harder and honing our craft. And it looks like it’s paying off. Staple is also doing really well. Our consulting and design business is steady as ever and we’re doing some really exciting things for ’09. The clothing business has hurt the most. Our account base in middle America and smaller markets are getting hammered. Hence, accounts that placed a nice order last year for this year’s stuff have either folded or can’t take anything more in. So we are left stuck with the product. Add to that the people that are still in business, but are slow to pay… or bouncing checks. It’s rough. We just need to run really lean and make people earn credit (and reputation) back.

mashKULTURE: How does the new iDiom collection differ from previous collections?

Jeff Staple: There was a lot more concentration on benefits for the backcountry rider such as Transceiver pockets, Walkie Talkie pockets, modifications made for riding with a backpack, etc… Each season we revisit every detail of iDiom. So nothing is a repeated style with different colors. You’ll also see little details like iPod Shuffle compartments, Gorilla Tape reinforcement at stress points and a new take on belt loop and cuff closures.

mashKULTURE: What was the inspiration/concept behind the new pieces?

Jeff Staple: Hiroshi Fujiwara is the real Creative Director behind iDiom. I’m more or less the Art Director. For 2010, Hiroshi wanted to do a muted “stealthy” collection. Somewhat inspired by military themes, but not talking “camo” and “jungle”. More like “Ghost Recon” meets “Stealth Bomber” military. So the outside look of iDiom 2010 is very flat, matte and monochrome. The insides are all very bright and contrasting. The cuts and fits are all new as well. Not as baggy as other snowboarding clothes. More of a natural fit.

mashKULTURE: What’s in store for the coming months? Any special projects, collaborations you could tell us a bit about?

Jeff Staple: Sorry, I will have to plead the 5th. Stay tuned to my blog and you’ll be updated as soon as it comes out of my mouth. I don’t like to talk about things. I just like doing them.

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