mashRADIO podcast 002 – I’ve Got Mean Things On My Mind by DJ Shuriken

DJ Shuriken has been DJ-ig for about 13 years at Hungary’s underground radio station, Tilos, as well as at a countless amount of parties in and around Hungary, Europe and the States. He’s just as much known for his Jazz selections as for his soul, afro, latin, house, funk, hip-hop, rock, disco, drum and bass, broken beat, film soundtracks, and Hungarian folk music.

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“When starting out way back in the day, I spun with my other Crate Soul Brother, DJ Keyser at parties. I’m still at Tilos Radio preaching the ways of wax every Thursday night on the “Barázdán is csomót” show, from 10pm til midnight. Nothing too complicated, just unexpected turns, sudden changes, and fun, rare tracks from the dark depths of music history. I’ve played in front of large crowds in Hungary, and surrounding countries, as well as the States. Lately though, I haven’t been playing too many shows. Also being a member of Brakecsokkerz together with Suhaid, Káosz Kapitány, and Hazé, our mission is to find lost and forgotten Hungarian recordings, and introducing them to our fans. Some people dig them, some don’t.

I’ve also produced some tracks, collaborations, and remixes with Keyser and Erik Sumo. I’ve played around with a lot of different styles, but I’m really into kick drum-high hat-jazz-freak-loop hip-hop beats. I’m most proud of the track I produced for Bankos (video here), and the song, Csíbor from my upcoming album (

My first, solo album releases this Summer, entitled “Music for Dead Seagulls and Broken Instruments”. Not sure yet as to where it’s gonna be released, but most likely it’ll be available on wax through S*10, and I’m also thinking about a free download. The music industry has come to a more dire end then I have, and that’s saying a lot.

Unfortunately, this mix should have been ready a long time ago. In hindsight I was able to spend more time making it, so now at least I’m happy with it. Finally, this post-folk, ambient, psych, free folk, folktronica, singer-songwriter-guitar-eclectic concept came together in my head, even though on and off I’ve been into this kind of soulful, gazing into the distance, falling asleep in the afternoon albums for over a decade. Well, these are the kind of tracks I mixed together. This is the kind of mood I’ve been in lately, they speak about the kind of things I’ve been going through.

If after listening to it, even one person starts looking into one or two of the artists then it was worth putting the mix together. Listening to the contemporary Swedish folk-guitar genius, Ass, or singer-songwriter from the ’70s Kenny Rankin after drinking coffee on a Sunday morning without having even one Torrent window open is something too beautiful describe.

Lately, I’ve had some mean things on my mind, but this is the most beautiful music I’ve ever heard.”

TRACKLIST: mashRADIO podcast #2 – I’ve Got Mean Things On My Mind by DJ Shuriken

1. Neil Young – Nobody’s Story (Vapor)
2. Robert Johnson – Stones in My Passway (Columbia)
3. Susanna & The Magical orchestra – Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright (Rune Grammofon)
4. Ass – I’ve Been Here (Static Caravan)
5. Rod McKuen – Of Me (Tradition)
6. Joe – Untitled (Taken off Justin Torres’ Break Up Letters Compilation. Credit is due.)
7. David Axelrod – A Little Girl Lost (Capitol)
8. Magpahi – Horses (Finders keepers)
9. Jaine-Roman-Pitt – Guru Dev Maharishi (Unity)
10. Harvey Mandel – Cristo Redentor (Philips)
11. Ljudbilden & Piloten – Pen On Paper (Nosordo)
12. Sylvio Rodriguez – Mujeres (Areito)
13. SMarton Trió – Súlytalanság
14. Kenny Rankin – Killed a Cat (Little David)
15. Baden Powell – Canto de Ossanha (MPS)
16. Junior Parker – Tomorrow Never Knows (Groove Merchant)
17. The Roundtable – Scarborough Fair (Jayboy)
18. Sergio Mendes & Brasil ’66 – Chrystal Illusions (Memorias de Marta Sare)(A&M)
19. David Bowie – Space Oddity (RCA)
20. Serge Gainsbourg – Flash-Forward (Philips)
21. Ashton, Gardner, Dyke & Co – Delirium (Capitol)
22. Zero 7 – I Have Seen (Ultimate Dilemma)
23. Neotropic – Running (N-tone)
24. Coco Rosie – Somebody’s Baby Boy Ain’t Coming Home Tonight (Touch and Go)
25. Superimposers – S’posin’ (Little League)
26. Rod McKuen – Flower Child’s Lament (Tradition)
27. Beck – Hollow Log (K)

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  • Chris Ing

    Definitely didn’t expect a mix like this on Mashkulture. Loved it.