Parra x Nike Air Maxim 1: Additional Photos

A few days ago, we showed you an image of what seemed to be a new Air Maxim designed by Parra. Well, from the image above, we can definitely confirm that the sneaker has in fact been designed by the Dutch artist. His trademark colours and distinctive graphics decorate the tongue and insoles. The shoes are expected to release in the coming months.

More images after the jump.

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pic: Attila Szabo

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  • Hundo


  • James

    Another great shoe by the Dutchmaster.

  • vestee

    hi,i want this shoes

  • vestee

    i want they shoes please contact me

  • arg

    these are so sick. I must get!

  • Ad.Funk

    horrible shape. Fuck
    I think you guys never saw any am1 before

  • Pussy Galore

    totally agree (with ad.funk of course)

  • Jules

    What the fuck.
    I hope it’s the flywire technologie that makes the shoe looks like that.
    the shape is completely awfull.
    the toebox is pre-owned.
    the mudguard is sooo huge.

    Do you really call this an air max 1 ??


    HOT DAMN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • PM11

    Where can I get a pair of these?

  • notparra

    too bad it wasn’t parra himself who designed these… nike took the honeurs.. he didn’t know anything about this one…

  • West Kruis Kade

    Who knows when the shoe will be released?

    it’s black and it’s fresh. je weet zelf