Chris Boardman: Intelligent Bicycle

Chris Boardman has come up with the intelligent bicycle. It counts calories as you burn them, plays music, and thanks to solar power, it even pedals for you if you get tired. It’s impossible to steal, and will work only after you identify yourself via fingerprint recognition. The tires won’t go flat, but in case you ride over broken shards of glass, the tires will immediately self inflate (like the cars in Demolition Man). All of this is only a concept, and according to Chris, will only become feasible to mass produce in twenty years.

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pic and info: Designboom

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  • sakis p

    with this wheels will not go faster that normal wheels, but much slower.
    but if u have the correct technology lets use it!

    this is the most simple design, almost! Is just one more step… maybe you’ll think it in the future ;) or just ask me :-D