Freshjive ’09 Fall

Today we bring you the Fall lookbook from Freshjive. A pioneer in the streetwear market, few labels have matched the longevity and consistency of Freshjive. The graphic tees continue to be their bread and butter, and browsing through the Fall offerings, not only could I see myself wearing pretty much each and every one of them, but I’d gladly dish out my hard earned cash for them. Current events, adult humour, brilliantly playful and well-executed designs each and every time. Freshjive is one of those brands that can get me excited about streetwear – something which happens pretty much once in a blue moon (or whenever they come out with a new collection). Along with the tees, expect hats, jackets, sweats, shirts, and more. The collection has already started arriving at retailers. Check out Reserve’s online shop to look at the tees and collection up close, and to make a purchase. mash rating: 9/10

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pic and info: Freshjive

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  • thai

    impressive as always

  • hundo

    Hats off to Rick Klotz. Super dope.