50 Racy American Apparel Ads

The acceptably sexist, but always calculated dirt bag aesthetic that is American Apparel’s marketing strategy has brought the brand mainstream attention ever since they implemented it years ago. It is something which they have perfected over the years, and has become their bread and butter, their calling card. Seeing that it’s Monday, we figured what better day to bring you fifty ads from past and present – thanks to StyleCrave. (For some reason though, they left out our beloved Sasha Grey.) Be careful hitting the Read More button unless you work at home, for AA, or have a great job like us:)

Check out the other 49 ads after the jump.

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pic and info: StyleCrave

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  • swissprecise

    50 racy AA ads

  • Pimlico

    Love AA! These are all great. Yeah, too bad the Sasha Grey ones were left out. Those are fire!

  • Chris

    These pics are so damn hot!

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  • http://www.kamikaziairlines.com DizzyDustin

    Steppin up their Game. Good for them!

  • http://sneakhype.com EG

    mash – first of all, y’all are the shit. secondly, i am FEELIN you on the sasha grey love. i just wikipedia’d her… she was born in 88. chick is 21… sweeet. that means we’ve got several years of some of the best deep throat in the history of gagging to look forward to. life is good.

  • mark

    EG, thanks for the kind words! Glad you like the site!

  • S.P.

    Keep em comin. Got my attention!

  • Amanda

    Haha the redhead in the first pic is Faye Reagan, another porn star. Noticing a trend in their choice of models…

  • http://warungaudionline.blogspot.com/ akaparang

    it is between art and self esteem for the woman to expose they sex appeal.

    i am agree both of this statement.

    please come to my blog http://warungaudionline.blogspot.com


  • Hasanudin

    hot pics this post was very entertaining eye

  • Jv

    These are all really pretty and beautiful shots… in an artistic way but when you say that they use them for advertisement.. it kinda doesn’t feel right..

  • concerned

    This ad’s are distasteful and send the wrong message to young girl. Also, notice how all the ad’s are of females. Our society needs needs to wake up and see how media advertisement influences soceital values!

  • parviz

    These pics are very good.

  • Bryan Haught

    Some of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen. I would not approve of my Wife taking pictures like this but they look off the hook

  • Mishele

    whatthehell, men don’t wear underwear? I was looking for some good bun shots and was very disappointed, I guess it’s back to the underwear catalogs for me. Why is it rare to find good pictures of men?

    I’ve disappointed in you. Sure, these girls are lovely to look at, but so are their opposite number, and we DON’T SEE ENOUGH BARELY-DRESSED MEN ON THE INTERNET!!

  • Judy

    As someone who has actually practiced using a digital camera and gotten decent, quality art photos out of it, I can tell you that the majority of these aren’t even good photos. As for the concept, my opinion is that it is trash. American Apparel’s views of women are clearly laid out: they are sex tools to oogle at and nothing more.

    But again, that’s just my opinion.

  • http://sugartopping.blogspot.com/ jme

    some of these photos just look like drunken/trashy/mediocre photos
    but if that’s what AA wants it to look like…sure

  • Jennifer

    yeah…most of these girls aren’t particularly good looking. and a lot of these ads are disgusting but some of them aren’t so bad. honestly though, i’m not a huge fan of american apparel regardless.

  • http://www.adelaidedj.com Adelaide DJ

    wow, i can’t believe that these were actually used as ads! twitter(at)locspoc

  • bunny

    these are just more examples of bad ads portraying women in negative ways.
    read this article, it might make you look at these ads differently.

  • Greg

    I sure love the female body…whoa

  • Ken Malloy

    Some girls are very cute/sexy…and some are not – maybe the point here is that the stockings will make an average woman look sexier. If thats true, its a good marketing strategy. For those of you who think this degrades woman, grow up, smell the coffee – quit being a man-hater. Sex is what men want and playful sexy poses are what us men love. If a man has never ripped your clothes off and you’ve had extremely great sex, YOU haven’t flirted or enticed good enough. Review these ads and try some. You’ll be happier you did!

  • http://www.clubedodvd.com Allan Donnola

    I love this hots babies – keep post more

  • http://candycollins.com/ Candy Collins

    Very brave photo style :o)
    These are a few really pretty and beautiful shots. Not all of them…

  • noor

    your pic are very very nice. i really like all of these.

  • http://www.njweedmanpromotions.com Njweedman

    They are great ad’s, nice chics but to me there is a NOTICEABLE problem and a telling sign. NO black chics! apparently american apparel is not for black chics. – Blacks shouldn’t spend a dollar here.

  • Jonathan Mullen

    These are not so racy actually but the fact that there is little airbrushing and they seem more amateurish just makes them a bit more REAL and isn’t that more what people say we need? Fewer perfect women making other women feel inadequate? Depends where the ads are placed I guess.

  • http://www.karimwebmall.com Karimwebmall

    nice photos

  • cri

    yeah, do throw some black chicks flashing their crotch and licking some guy’s underwear. Don’t be racist bastards.

  • sam

    They need soft porn to promote that dull, bland line of cotton clothing. No surprise that AA’s founder is such a sleazebag: http://bit.ly/18FNMG

  • http://deduh.com/ ephoto

    Slightly dressed woman, is more sexual than completely the naked. There is in it an innuendo. In such style removes Roy Stuart http://deduh.com/?p=464

  • Kabeer binji

    This is fantastic never seen it before

  • http://www.3gvietnam.info 3G Vietnam

    wow, very sexy

  • Bandit a la mode

    I recognize all of these from the Vice back page…

  • http://adverlicio.us adverlicious

    Lots more American Apparel *online* ads in the archive here:


  • datdemdar

    This is nothing compaired to ads in Europe. It’s just that everyone else is finally catching up to them.



  • AML

    Sorry to disagree with all of you. Whereas these pics are pretty hot pics of women, they are seriously perverse and disgusting as ads. What do you think your children or future children are looking at and why is the pregnancy rate so high for teens? Yeah, this is just teaching people the wrong things. The pics are hot but belong to a site that is for adults only… not on an advertisement for the public.


  • emeka ibemere

    Is it not debasing for womanhood?.God who created them honestly,would not be happy to see her daughters in such a fashiononsense.It is the real devaluation of oneself all because oy moneyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • http://aol.com Dave Marrash

    God created what ? or who ?
    Santa gives everyone gifts on one night also.
    How can people twist things around so.
    I thought these pictures were great. They get you thinking.
    Oh ! Thats right.,People don’t like 2 think. That makes more sense 2 me.
    People wouldn’t block what others chose 2 enjoy would they ?

  • lmg

    To Ken Malloy–
    Yes, sex sells and we all know that, but American Apparel is not marketing leg warmers or a “tank thong” to MEN. These are women’s clothing that they are trying to sell to women. I am not a man hater, but i’m not an idiot. Marketing clothing this ways objectifies women in every way possible. Sex is what men want, and playful sexy poses are what men love…but these ads are selling women’s clothing. Not men’s.

  • canadiandream

    So judging from these responses, all these guys will be running straight to American Apparel to buy the legwarmers and thongs? Or did y’all just enjoy the free porn?

    @Ken “For those of you who think this degrades woman, grow up, smell the coffee – quit being a man-hater. Sex is what men want and playful sexy poses are what us men love. If a man has never ripped your clothes off and you’ve had extremely great sex, YOU haven’t flirted or enticed good enough”

    I am not a man-hater…in fact, I love men. I am married, and I have two boys. I have great sex…all without once referring to a goddamn ad for poses! Sex may be what men want, but if that is ALL they want, then they are damn stupid. Would you want your 16 year old daughter posing for these shots? Or your wife pasted up on a billboard with her crotch and boobs hanging out of the mesh bodysuit?
    I am an ex-model and an actress, and I would be embarrassed to have these low-quality shots in my portfolio…

  • SGK

    This just proves that trashy worthless porography will sell anything! The clothing is NOT attractive or high quality. The girls are not even good-looking!

  • http://www.full-mag.com full magazine

    Fucking genius ads. basic and sexy as.

  • be serious

    This is cheap clothing being sold by a cheap marketing plan….the clothes here aren’t even what looks good, it’s the girls. So basically when you’re buying these cheaply made boring clothes, you’re paying to have media-friendly porn.

  • YanniK

    How come these guys haven’t been arrested yet? These bastar*ds are clearly guilty for Juvenile Exploitation.

  • http://www.stumbleupon.com lyss

    this is really effin trashy.

  • http://candles.org.ua Impec

    Very interesting way to advertize. Not direct but doing its work. Although some photos aren’t attractive at all.

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  • http://www.refine-led.com ben

    great photos

  • http://www.chile62.com www.chile62.com

    very good photos,

  • Anne

    Disgusting and trashy. The fact that this is marketed towards women makes it more revolting – they’re saying, ‘hey, buy this and pose in lewd positions so you can fulfill your role of being a sexual object’. Men may enjoy the pictures, but I can’t understand any woman who doesn’t see something very off about this advertising.

  • jinond

    i don’t care about the clothes, or what it says about women. the fact is these are simply terrible photographs. not being able to understand lighting or composition is not an art form its lack of skill dressed up. i could take better photos than these with one eye stabbed out.

  • Duder

    I’d like to buy the chick in the 8th picture from the bottom. Oh wait, what are they selling?

  • tyncodoro

    Hi all wanted to introduce myself!! I look forward to being part of this comunity.

  • edgar ontiveros

    Making tons of money by selling sexist images of objectified women

  • Veganomica

    Wow. I’ve always seen these in the back of the Stranger, but never really considered how soft core porn they are. This compilation really opens my eyes!

  • http://www.nvr-ndr.com [tlr]

    I found these to be pretty genius. Such a subtle and insidious ad campaign, full of contradictions and misdirection. The implication of taboo subject matter, playing on social fetishes. Hilarious and brilliant, IMO.


  • http://davidnh.com David Hardwick Photography

    Very nice photography. It is such a shame that I do not get to do this type of work.

  • Yuck

    These pictures look like soft core porn to me and all AAs products are crap…. It’s no wonder why they’re having financial troubles. I hope they go out of business.

  • Yuck

    Also, these girls should have a little more self-respect.



  • Emy

    I am a bisexual woman, trust me, I enjoy seeing beautiful women as much as (if not more than) most guys.

    But come on, some of these are disgusting.

    None of these ads portray the “female form”, they just show you what kind of girl to not pick up at the bar.

    Looks to me like slutty girls with STDs is the main theme here.

    If you want that, it’s fine, make porn, not sock ads.

  • http://www.amazingwomenrock.com Susan Macaulay

    Soft core porn. Sad sexualization and objectification of young women. In very poor taste. Will NEVER buy their products.

  • Jen N

    Complete trash. Resorting to cheapened and desperate sexuality because their clothing isn’t even good enough quality to speak for itself in advertising. Designed to make attention-starved hipsters insist “it’s subversive and subtle!!” so that they can feel clever and accomplished. It’s unoriginal filth.

  • Marcus

    What a collection of fugly hipster sluts wearing the tackiest clothing outside of Uzbekistan. Perhaps we should look up to people who did more than open their legs at the expense of the tax payers they hate so much. Sasha Grey should lead the campaign to take all the hipsters to Saudi Arabia, since they love the “Arab Spring” so much, and promptly get tortured to death by the Saudi Morality Police for being such horrible, ugly whores. So long Occupy, don’t let the door hit your asses on the way out!

  • http://non-sense intelligent

    These ad’s are disgusting and women should be appalled they are being objectified into less than humans

  • Cate

    All I can think about is boobs, I can’t even concentrate on the product being sold. It’s so distracting and as a female who I assume is the targeted audience, I don’t understand why they use this marketing plan. Also, the pictures look so grainy and amateurish. Ick, not a fan.

  • jules

    American Apparel, well done. You are now boycotted for life by me and my friends. I have better things to do than supporting a company that obviously doesn’t view women as human beings. Yawn.

  • Ioana XC

    This makes me sick. it’s so disgusting and abusive.
    Of course so many women get raped and abused, when this is the image provided to society: women pose naked and vulnerable ‘for the pleasure of the watcher’, so they become objects in the eyes of men. Consciousness is numbed, it’s easier to pretend, as a man, that women are just sluts, sex-toys to take into possession, at will.
    Women are human beings, with a whole range of emotions and feelings, not just submissive dolls who stretch naked in weird positions and do oral sex all day long, as the above American Apparel campaigns depict them. They deserve equally dignified treatment and social imagery as men, who are never attacked is such way by society (unless they are gay, which is again a huge mistreatment)!