2009 Listed: Best T-Shirts of the Year – Top 20

After rounding out the videos, we decided to take a look back at all the hundreds of t-shirts 2009 had to offer, and pick out our top 20.

Check it out after the jump.

20. Adam McEwen x New Work ‘Text Messaging’:

19. Alphanumeric “Change’:

18. Freshjive ‘Eat Shit & Die’:

17. Wood Wood ‘Samantha Fox’:

16. The Lovewright Co. ‘Keep Rollin”:

15. DQM ‘Wayside’:

14. Ludwig ‘Nevermind’:

13. Actual Pain ‘Gore Tiger’:

12. Freshjive ‘Gaylife’:

11. It’s Our Thing ‘Trouble N’ Toast’:

10. Grotesk x Upper Playground ‘Style Master’:

09. The Quiet Life ‘Start Making Sense’:

08. Heel Bruise ‘Photobooth’:

07. Freshjive ‘Faded Hope’:

06. 10.Deep ‘Afghanistan’:

05. Janette Beckman x Acapulco Gold ‘Lemmy’:

04. EastWest x Mishka ‘Andrew WK’:

03. Perks and Mini:

02. Mighty Healthy ‘Fit In’:

01. Vanguard x Fuct ‘Sangue Italiano’:

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  • http://www.freshngood.com ndrea

    nice selection

  • slo

    solid selection!

  • hanta

    I agree with number one.