Greedy Genius ‘Brutus’

Greedy Genius offers a preview of their latest  model, the all-new Brutus. At first glance, we couldn’t but help notice the similarities to Visvim’s FBT. Not only the silhouette, but especially when viewing the midsole. The Brutus, however, has clunkier feel than the minimal, and clean aesthetic of the FBT. It will no doubt be a fraction of what the FBT costs, but either way, I’d rather fork out the extra cash.  mash rating: 4/10

pic and info: Greedy Genius

category: sneakers  
  • Johnny 2 Times

    Looks nothing like FBT. These are fresher.

  • Breko

    gimme a break. you must be biased and work for greedy genius. anyone can see these are total rip offs. wack!

  • fresh

    the outsole is immediately noticeable as a replication of the fbt. I would have ignored this if the rest of the shoe didn’t suck.

  • peter

    these are indeed the wackness. the designer must have been fucking confused. boat shoe eyelets, hidden laces, and throw in a moc-toe.

    Greedy Genius has to be the failure of footwear.