Banksy Prepares for the Oscars

With Exit Through the Gift Shop getting an Oscar nomination for Best Documentary, this large piece showed up in Los Angeles on La Brea at San Vicente on a wall that is frequented by Mr. Brainwash. If you look closely, you’ll even see a Brainwash signature alongside the leg of the Oscar statuette cloaked in a hoodie. The piece would not be complete with Storm Troopers running security from above, while their TV counterparts work the red carpet below.

So if Banksy wins, who will accept the award? Banksy? Brainwash? Is Banksy really Brainwash? Is Brainwash just a farce created by Banksy to play an enormous, and albeit ingenious joke on the entire world, while cackling dubiously all the way to the bank?

More images after the jump.

pic and info: movieline

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category: art