Erica Simone ‘Nue York’

Photographer, Erica Simone has an exhibit coming up at The Dash Gallery in New York. Entitled Nue York: Self-Portraits of a Bare Urban Citizen, the exhibit features photographs of the artist doing everyday, regular stuff such as shopping, buying lunch, getting a hair cut, taking a jog, etc… The only slight difference is that she does all these things completely nude (well she does wear the occasional sneaker). The show runs from April 14th to 28th.

More after the jump. (NSFW)

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  • Very Beautiful Pictures Erica !!

    Very Beautiful pictures Erica. I hope to see you at the Dash Gallery April 14th.
    Good Luck !!

  • Hugh Hefner

    Great pics, doll! Once we airbrush them, I might put one in our ‘college hotties’ section of Playboy…

  • Art Lover

    Whores always need an excuse to be whores. :)

  • Pulz

    She want attention for her body but she thinks she is too “good” to do porn so she pretends it’s art. Playboy has already cornered that market.

  • Fahri Ayzit

    Nice job!

  • Ching-Hsiang Lin

    No.15 is really interesting.

  • renkliportal

    very very nice good.

  • Khiaao


  • Paul W

    Great idea, great pics. I like composition, lighting, mood and settings of the pictures. The fact that she is the focal point, doesn’t necessarily distract from the other activities in the pictures. I like how most of the other subjects look as though there is nothing unusual going on, the fact that she is nude on a bus or shoveling snow, only when she is jogging does she get ‘onlookers’ as to the fact that she is unclothed. Very nicely done and with great taste.

  • Chic Nam

    Show me your inner world! May be artistic…

  • ***

    some pics u have here :D:D

  • Charlie Parker

    A wholly unoriginal exercise re-affirming the age old truth: if you have no talent, just drop your top and you’ll make the news.

  • Talentless snapshots of hot girl with nice breasts. Been there, seen that.

    High-end Point n shoot camera – $400

    Taxi fares, Metro Pass, etc – $200

    Horny hopeful guys posing as friends willing to protect her on the street – Free

    Bored rich daughter of Paris RE broker failing to provide any innovative value to typical soft core porn shots?


  • sexy boy

    beautiful picture

  • Graham

    Just wonderful !!!!

  • supercat

    Pretty girl. good photos. natural figure. sexy body.

  • Neotwo

    Very nice this job!

  • Sammy

    nothing original….. met-art have done this with a real model several years back in another metropolitan city. Nice try though…

  • Maggy

    I was originally led to this post after reading her motivation: “Watching this image-absorbed union of people around me care more about the sales at Barney’s than the homeless people they step over in the subway, it makes me think: What would we do without clothes? How would we portray ourselves to other people? How would we show our social status to obtain the treatment we want or deserve from others?”

    These are very good questions, which were unfortunately not answered with this project. All I see is a beautiful woman in a series of overly contrived poses. I’d hoped for something more candid and realistic.

  • Tarry Flynn

    Good and courageous attempt, ( never mind the begrudgers ), I haave always been fascinated by the idea of integrating the nude into everyday life and still want to fulfill that ambition here in Ireland. I have done quite a bit of “standard” nude work but this idea I have is a lot more ambitious.
    Getting a nude model is a lot more difficult than most suppose.
    It’s not just a matter of taking off clothes, more than half the work comes from the girl who has to have trust, understanding of the intentions of the shoot, and a real personality.
    I would love to present Ireland through the Nude, any takers for this?.

  • Tarry Flynn

    That was a quick response to my comments, ( how did you find me – curious ).
    anyone else who is interested can email me,

  • Charlie Eisenhardt

    So… Narcissism in the form of exhibitionism. Seen it before. Nothing special about it.

  • Johnny

    Photos very erotic, i don’t know if artistic..i think she’s enjoy to be nude. In a running-photo, you can see a beautiful ring piercing on the top of a very erect clitoris. Naugthy Erica!