The Art of Paul Kuczynski

Take a look at some paintings by artist, Paul Kuczynski.

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  • KEAS

    coolest ever, amazing pieces! lets do a collabo

  • nun.hyer

    wow, this is really powerful stuff…awesome.

  • jj

    Humanity sucks, everyone’s a loser and a hypocrite, blah blah blah.

  • Emee Otis

    Incredible artwork.

  • Derek

    So he thinks of some cookie-cutter, center-left cliché and illustrates it? I hope I’m not the only one who finds that rather pretentious and contrived.

  • Nicolas

    I agree with you. This aint nothing but clichés put together in a somewhat pretty way.
    Theres no value in making this, mainly because is so overdone.

  • Xylene2301

    Beautiful and thought provoking.
    You are in the grip of the muse.

  • Robin

    @Derek and Nicolas

    Yeah, let’s not confront social issues; they’re too cliched.

  • ed

    Interesting concepts, but more than a little contrived… its revolutionary, but without the passion… the paintings were obviously meant to be sold.

  • Derek


    If we were to grant—for no good reason, really—that the point in the creation and distribution of these pieces is to combat social issues, then I’m afraid our artist doesn’t come off any better for it. The ideas at play here matter, but dressing them up in such a way—devoid of originality or insight and therefore poignancy—doesn’t do them any justice. In fact, it trivializes them.

  • Azzam

    gooooooood pictures………..

  • John

    These are fantastic. I’d love to know their titles.

  • meggie

    I agree with ed. Yawn. yes we know the world sucks.

  • John

    I’ve got no strong feelings on the message contained within them but, purely as illustrations, they just aren’t anything special. I couldn’t do better, I admit, but I could easily source a dozen illustrators tomorrow who could knock out something every bit as good.

  • monkey butt

    wow so creative i love it

  • Woody Barlettani

    …mind blowing GOOD ! Don’t be seduced into thinking,that which does not make a profit,is without value…Arthur Miller

  • John Gaiser

    Yep. Every ignorant stereotype seems to have been represented. Very “in the box” and templated.

    How you could not immediately identify this art as racists and condem is telling.

    Resist all forms of racism.

  • Laura

    Amazing art! Love it!

  • Alaina

    God, I am so sick of everybody saying dumb stuff. Just PLEASE look at the paintings, and if you don’t like them, don’t get into a huge deal with some random person on the internet. Please? I like the paintings. But that is just my opinion.

  • Dean James

    keep up the good work, beautiful

    and for all u f##kers who dont like seeing this kind of stuff get out there and fix it. i love knowing people are vexed at this worlds failings, it comforts me to know we arnt just sitting here accepting it and getting upset wen we’re reminded.

  • SKEM3

    these are fucking heavy

  • JamieH

    The bear playing hopscotch made me cry. Great message.

  • Sonja

    Wow!! Very interesting and well thought out :)

    I guess the pictures have done their job, to have people thinking/talking about it! cliche? honest? racist? excellent art? or “could find a team to put it together myself” ???
    To say its cliche or irrelevant is all well and good for the society you are in, but where i come from these issues arent talked about… And they are real. So having an artist bold enough to visualise it in such confronting and cleverly thought out art is always refreshing. Unless by defintion of cliche you meant assumption and its your hand sweeping the broken pot under the museum? hmmm. Yeah poke your head back in sand.

  • Danika McCready

    this is amazing. i showed everyone i know this site. perfect portrayal of the worlds b.s


    All those who are putting these paintings down as ‘left-wing propaganda’, ‘yeah humanity sucks – so what’, and calling them ‘un-original’ and ‘made for profit’… all those people are the fuckers that are responsible for screwing things up even more every f***** day of their lives because they have given up! Realized that the world is screwed and now it must be every man for himself. When they see these pictures they are just reminded of the negative effects their lifestyle and their indifference have on the world.

  • Ella Pauliina Maria Kaarakka

    Amazing pictures!Heartfull thanks to you!Paul Kuczynski is no doubt one of the most talanted and brilliant minded artist I’ve seen in long time.Excellent!

  • keith ellwood

    There is not, or can ever be enough protest art of any type. well done! and ignore some of the ignorant comments made by the people some of your images are probably aimed at.

  • Brian B.

    Amazing work
    Very unique
    Good job

  • brian

    The artwork is okay, but it conveys sordidness and blatant leftism. Not that I don’t support the humanitarian messages being expressed in the work, of course I do, it’s just that the artist has exploited the messages to sell the artwork rather than… well, actually help or freshly advocating the issues.

  • jewel

    Odd. This art gave me a headache.

  • natasha popova

    thank you

  • Gely Pacheco

    There is no place to go. This is the line art to follow now:)

  • Hisham Soliman

    great stuff. a positive message is a positive message. if you are right wing don’t look at the pictures! Geez people lighten up.

  • fred

    I’m so glad,as a fellow artist, to be in your company…Incredible work!!

    Thank You

    your fan


  • Olivia W.

    I love the art work, very thought provoking!!
    Great work!

  • Jackie m.

    All i see is Banksy rip offs and cliches.

  • Rosochka Crotton

    This art can brake your mind but only such art can be called real

  • Divorce Lawyer Miami

    Nah, nothing like bansky. Maybe the only thing is that they like to paint things that are related to what’s happening, but I still like his art. He shows feelings. Also most of Paul’s stuff is really grainy.

  • nikki

    if an artists work is not inspiring controversy the artist isnt doing their job. take everything on here whether it be compliment or insult and make it a positive by knowing that you are doing your job. good work.

  • C.Allen

    Good techniques, however the cynical subject matter seems to suggest everyone in the western world is materialistic, uncaring and money mad. I quite frankly do not wish to be represented by this type of art, as it does not apply to my ideals or moral framework. Art doesn’t change the world. If he cared that much he could have used his time and energy more productively. I’d bet that these paintings are bought by the art collectors who do represent materialist western stereotypes he depicts.

  • Dawson W.B.

    He’s not just copying some common messages, he has the capability to realize what other’s have also, and he expresses that in a way unseen. Not everyone is just stemming off of other’s thoughts, that’s an idiotic assumption for we all live in this same world and have brains. Anything that will remind us of our injustices is welcome in my eye’s anyways and if it wakes up some unseeing folks then lovely, so be it.

    Oh and this is to the moron who said “he’s just making his art for the money” , I’m paraphrasing, your statement is not worth re-reading, dick – we’re all in this economy and we all have stomachs, stop trying to starve the artists. He did rework it, he made images that would easily remind people of problems he wanted to fix – using art as a medium to convey a real message, not to exploit an issue. You say hee didn’t advocate for them and I deem you heartless or mindless he showed so much sorrow for a lot of the issues and if you can’t see that you’re blind.

  • jimmy kennedy

    Really interesting. Almost like properganda paintings during world war ll.

  • Jacki Clark

    I just had to send this along. The pictures are so provocative. Each one
    Makes you think in such a political but contrasting humanistic way.
    love you hope you got this.

  • katie

    doesn’t matter if it is contrived or overused. most still couldn’t do this so i am appreciative of the art. i like.

  • chezanonymous

    This work touches me. Very Nice. And a big “Fuck You” to the neo-con philistines that can’t stand seeing art that tells it like it is. It is only “cliche” because we have to constantly cram these reminders down your corporate blood sucking lie holes. Fuckin Pigs.

  • chezanonymous

    Oh…and John Gaiser, learn to fucking use the English Language and not to use your real name online if you’re a facist art hating fuck!

  • ELMANCO / Stefano Ricci

    The illustratios are very cynical but so true!

  • angela


  • david

    cliche or not, we still doing the same shit.

  • Sachin Jaiswal

    I m Amazed………..

  • Marco Cavaco

    Nice points of view. Brilliant

  • Eli

    Beautiful and Smart !

  • wilson

    This is awesome and sobering art.

  • Teresa

    super powerful. I love them all

  • Sonia Rumzi

    Stunning work. Intelligent and well done! Thought provoking, thank you.

  • dream

    I love these pictures. They are amazing but sometimes things arnt so black and white. It seemed to me to be saying that all white people are wealthy and ignorant. when indeed that is not at all the truth. i am white and i hate the power hungry white man.

  • joey d

    I’m a radical leftist commie bastard who believes in redistributing the wealth, destroying all of our weapons, abolishing the police, and free health care.
    Right or left, these paintings obviously portray real problems, but it is done in an undeniably trite way. They say nothing new about them. They don’t even show any hope for solving these problems. Like so much other radical art it’s overly cynical and played out.

  • Amelia

    This artwork just didnt do anything for me. Its just BORING and seems kind of racist.

  • Shawn

    These are okay, they’re an expression of what the artist sees. That is art, that is what art is for. Why does everyone keep saying this is cliche? If you don’t like the art, leave some constructive criticism, or go out and create something that is in accordance to your outlook on these social issues. You may not see them, but to some people these are prevalent to their lives. In the 21st century I’d press anybody to create something that isn’t viewed as cliche or “done before”. Some of these may have issues, but there are definitely some that are very well done with some real thought and emotion to them. If you’re not an artist or have no real idea how much has to go into a single piece, than I hardly think you have any right to comment on the actual work (as far as technique and composition go). Albeit, is this not what art is for? Did this not make you think? Anyone who has gone through the comments has to know that we are clearly divided on the issues portrayed. But we are discussing them-
    I think the artist would have done well to have made some commentary so that everyone could understand why they had made some of the choices that they did in regards to the people portrayed. It’s too bad that people are so quick to decide what’s what before actually looking into what is happening behind the screen.

    Of course this is my opinion.

  • Mohamed

    It’s wonderful ! Great effort and talent.

  • Jason

    “Oh he’s not helping the issue but exploiting them for money radda radda.”

    Yes! Why paint pictures with meaning if you can just paint a pretty picture just because? Or even other forms of art!? Why should there protest songs or any other songs about real issues if you can be just like Ke$sha and write songs about partying and being drunk all the time to a catchy tune?

    Have you people thought that maybe this artist can only do as much as the rest of us and actually doesn’t have power, by himself, to really change these issues. Maybe because a lot of these are really out of most of our control and this is his way of expressing what he’s feeling about how he perceives the world.

    I really enjoyed these illustrations. Keep up the good work.

  • Tyrell

    Extremely literal artwork. sends powerful and unmistakable messages regarding our current state of affairs and the risks we run and the people we hurt along the way to success

  • Jeff

    Dude eat less mushrooms.
    Man you are way out there.

  • 1lana

    I love how they look innocent enough for children to understand. Theyre funny. I like that the critique is clear. the textures are so cool, I loved this!

  • quiescentmind

    Beautiful art work!

  • bartvandam

    Conceptional greatness

  • Paulina

    Wow, these are beautiful. I love it how you put humour and irony into the paintings and also touch political and social issues. It really opened my eyes. Amazing, simple amazing.

  • Red Humano

    I love the cowboy involved in rodeo, as the driving force and the ultimate loser in the economic downturn – especially so when thinking back on the origins of cattle herding in Spain and the Eurocentricity of the mode of language and though which spawned the economic system… AWESOME work

  • Tom Robins

    Love the political semblances.

  • Lola

    I think that sometimes passion can be put in the simplest of means. I don’t think that it’s necessarily meant to portray that all white men are rich and blah blah. I think the art is just great at expressing social issues that a lot of people tend to ignore out of convenience. A lot of the middle class working men and women in American work really hard to support their family, but the way our economy operates is often corrupt yet conveniently ignored.

    Great artwork!

  • Dali

    Some really interesting pieces here. Thanks for sharing.

  • georgia

    is it o k to say I don’t get it?

  • http://none Richard Alumbaugh

    Love this artwork very relative and moving.keep up the good work and the theme is so real it is wonderful.Makes the statements that need to be made,I am saving them hope you don’t mind. your truly rick.

  • April Hope

    This is amazing. The colors used to tell the artists metaphors tell an incredible story

  • KRIS


  • Julian

    You’re a huge douchebag

  • Shawnte

    This is amazing! Outstanding work!

  • oruccakmakli

    the earth and the childeren of earth and the entire planet are very happy to love her to hug her to save her with a language that tells everthing for TO BE Thank You Paul Kuczynski… Işın Sezgi Avcı…

  • Tengil

    Nice work! Keep it up! Props all round!

  • Tengil

    By the way, I stumbled upon this site.

  • nate cook

    hella deep , hella funny. i like his look on shit. te vultures in the military jeep, effen funny.

  • yepitstrue

    hes just bitching about popular issues

  • mike

    nice work, but i just want to point out that when the stock market is falling it is a bear market, when the market is rising it a bull market (bears swipe down at their prey, bulls swing their horns up to gouge prey)


    At last…….some art with meaning that I understand!! Well done that man!!

  • AJ

    Political cartoons one step above the Sunday paper…

  • Tommy

    Is it Racey?… yeah. is it controversial?… yeah. is it provocative?… yeah. Then a job well done! I hope you do become wealthy off of your art; at least then these ideas will have been facilitated.

    **I would have liked to see a couple about the production of goods from an economical standpoint… One way to solve some of these problems is to give the power back to the middle class, to rebuild it; which is impossible without production.

  • amna alam

    i am in love with Paul kuczynski’s work, its so amazing and so simply expressed things that we actually over look

  • AIDY

    Beautiful. Haunting to see social realities depicted in this manner. Just amazing.

  • Wally

    The first one was so cliché I thought it was going to be more of the same but many of the others were just terrific.

  • Dan Brown

    Wow! There’s nothing more to say.

  • Sean

    Alright, whites are evil, I get it…

  • David

    I doubt you are going to read this, but fantastic work my man. People are so full of themselves. To them everything is contrived or cliche’ bc they can’t do it. All these works are original and great pieces of work.

  • Alyssa

    Serious question: is the last one peanut butter jelly time?

  • Lorben

    To bad you are so cynical.

  • CoryCascella

    hey Paul, great job, very thought provoking. To some people commenting, though, sheesh calm down. Art is just about provoking thought, and Kuczynski very well did that for me. Enough with the sausage measuring competitions!!!

  • Metin
  • Terry

    A real synthesis between art and meaning, so many paintings are pretty but say
    nothing about important issues. I have long believed that art should have a strong social link and encourage political thought, like Picasso’s Guernicia. Keep up the fine work. I love it.

  • Uncle B

    Art commentary accurate poignent an very real for our times. Reaches past the media and tells the truth. Disrobes The Great Corporate American Propaganda Whores’s mesmerizations.

  • Name

    Opinions are like assholes.
    Everyone has one!!!!

  • Xavier

    Very creative! However, some of them very sad, I feel that I am seeing a message that others don’t.

  • hos

    typical liberal art.

  • alexandramda

    great opened mind:)
    i would love to breath the same air as mister Paul, here:)

  • psecto

    heavy stuff. Great Job

  • Lisa

    I think that the only people who speak negatively of these beautiful, sincere and thought provoking pieces are those who feel guilt because they know that they play the ugly role and are the ones being criticized by this art.

  • Marco

    Great ideas and jobs indeed