The Art of Michal Lisowski

Take a look at some illustrations from Polish artist, Michal Lisowski.

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  • C-Stylez

    Whoa this guy’s work is amazing!

    • mark

      Yeah, he’s pretty bad ass.

  • EJordanill


  • Mark

    This guy is a modern day Rockwell! I love it!

  • Marcus T. Banks

    I really admire your work . Every thing is crisp and stretching . Very sharp !

  • Colin

    Dang, that’s some bad-man art bizzle! +1

  • westside

    pretty badass mayne

  • Ioyo

    Good work!!

  • Lotus


  • OrangAkaun

    Stunningly Awesome!

  • Tyrone shoelaces

    i like dat shit

  • Dbakeca Italia

    the art of michal lisowski

    is amazing