Colourised Photographs by Sanna Dullaway

Take a look at a series of colourised photographs from Sanna Dullaway, which breathes life into famous black-and-white photos from the past, giving them a whole new meaning

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Charles Darwin

Abraham Lincoln

August Strindberg

Mark Twain

Theodore Roosevelt

Charlie Chaplin

Albert Einstein

Anne Frank

Winston Churchill

Dorothy Counts

Che Guevara

Canada Dock, Liverpool, 1909

‘Migrant Mother’, Dorothea Lange

‘The American Way’

Boy in the Blitz

‘V-J Day in Times Square’ Alfred Eisenstaedt

Operations Cross Road Baker at the Bikini Atoll

Viet Cong

Vietnamese Buddhist Monk

pic and info: Sanna Dullaway

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  • prasahnth raj

    Really great work………….

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    What a fantastic work.

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    holy shit!