Movies from an Alternate Universe

New York-based illustrator and digital artist, Peter Stults, wondered what would have happened to our favourite movies if they were made in another era. An alternate universe. It begs the question, who would play the leading roles? Who would direct? Well, guess no more. Find out who would star in such flicks as Drive, Terminator, Pulp Fiction, Die Hard, Inception, Avatar, Trainspotting, The Big Lebowski (Klaus Kinski as the Nihilist, what!), and more.

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pic and info: Peter Stults

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  • Gary

    Very, very cool. I’m impressed and that happens maybe twice a year. Some very nonlinear thought here.

  • romain

    this is indeed, creative, fun, and impressive work :)
    well done, the “vintage” wave can still be surfed..

  • Akshay Chauhan

    Nice I would love to see a few of these in the alternate universe.

    • mark

      Some might actually be better than the original:)

  • Gravitron

    Sydney Poitier instead of Harry Belafonte for pulp fiction. everything else is flawless