Kodachrome Photos of 1940s New York

I think it’s safe to say that we have an obsession with images of the New York of yesteryear. Whether it’s Stanley Kubrick’s images from the ’40s, Vivian Maier’s photos from the ’50s, pics from the Summer of 1960, Paul McDonough’s shots from the ’70s, Nick DeWolf’s images from Spring, 1975, or Steven Siegel’s pictures from the ’80s… We love it all. Just like the images from the Summer of 1960 we showed you previously, these pics of the Big Apple from the 1940s were also taken by Charles W. Cushman.

Cue the Godfather soundtrack and check out the rest of the pics after the jump.

pic and info: Charles W. Cushman via animal

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  • http://www.thatsexage.blogspot.com C-Stylez


    The colour really brings the photos to life.

    • mark

      Yup. RIP Kodachrome.

  • http://lucienbialic@hotmail.com lucien bialic

    I just love those old pictures . It brings life to the past . I always wonder what happened to those people passing by in the street and shown on the pictures , like those little girls talking together in the street . No traffic jam .Very few cars .I can watch them over and over again and find some little amazing details .NEW YORK is a beautiful city and i hope to visit it again once more very soon . I am a citizen of FRANCE and i ‘ m sending my very best regards to all of you who have some nostalgy of the past .

    • mark

      I feel the exact same way. Love looking at old pictures.

  • peeters pierjean

    wonderful old pictures. i miss usa

  • gisele

    merveillous pictures from these passed years