Actual Pain 2012 Spring T-Shirts

Actual Pain have released their Spring collection, titled Sympathy for the Devil. Here we get a look at the latest tees from the Seattle-based label, which once again play on themes ranging from black magic, the occult and pop culture. They also brought back a few graphics from previous collections, and along with the t-shirts the designs also appear on crewnecks and tank tops. The new gear is now available through Actual Pain’s online shop. mash rating: 7.5/10

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pic and info: Actual Pain

category: fashion  
  • Damian

    was wondering if you guys ever give any clothing a rating over 7.5? i am not on here every day but i don’t think i have ever seen an 8, let alone a 9 or 10. it’s almost always like 7. 7.5. strange.

    • mark

      An 8 or above is pretty rare. We do give 5s and 6s quite often though.