Victor Castillo ‘The Jungle’ Exhibit

Currently on displaying at the Jonathan Levine Gallery until March 24th is Los Angeles-based artist, Victor Castillo’s latest body of work, entitled The Jungle.

In this exhibition, Castillo’s allegorical visions of the current socio-economic world crisis come in the form of spooky children’s tales. Through acrylic works on canvas and drawings on paper, his cast of masked, hollow-eyed children serve as a vehicle to convey ominous narratives of survival, greed and indoctrination. Inspired by vintage animation, his paintings are like theatrical sketches of tragicomic situations. With cartoon-like figures in the foreground and lush, classical landscapes in the background, Castillo’s dramatic baroque lighting completes the effect of exposing corrupted innocence.

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pic and info: Jonathan Levine Gallery

category: art