Nadine Boughton ‘True Adventures in Better Homes’

True Adventures in Better Homes is a series of collages from Nadine Boughton, which combines images from men’s adventure magazines from the ’50s and ’60s with photos of tidy and pristine homes of the same era.

States the artist: “My intention is to show how the inner psyche reflects the culture at large. I am drawn to the tension of opposites: inner and outer spaces, wildness and domesticity, the sweat and the cool.  With a background in psychology, I am always interested in what lies beneath appearances. The predator theme so present in the “true” adventures led me to explore “who” or “what” is breaking through. Whether the metaphor is that of bats or whales, this “other” carries not only our deepest fears but our deepest desires. We meet ourselves.”

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pic and info: lenscratch

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