At Home With Adult Performers

An ongoing project by Chicago-based photographer, Saverio Truglia provides an intimate look into the homes of adult performers, who are seen doing regular things inside their humble abodes including checking out what’s in the fridge, uninterestedly watching TV, eating cereal, and bathing, among other activities.

More after the jump. (NSFW)

pic and info: Saverio Truglia

category: art  
  • Hamish

    An intimate look? Are you guys serious. What rubbish…

    • mark

      Did you expect something perhaps more intimate?

  • Hamish

    Yes. What insight do these photographs really offer into the lives of these women? Apparently they do everything in see through tops and underwear. It’s misogynistic, superficial crap. Not to mention grossly unimaginative. Urgh.