Mike Joos Illustration

Maryland-based artist, Mike Joos has a penchant for cartoon characters, Star Wars, and other pop culture figures. Nothing weird with that. But what is slightly bizarre is how he portrays them. They’re either on a bicycle, Vespa or jet ski, but he also enjoys turning them into Centaurs, or cats, and regularly has them fighting unicorns. If that wasn’t awesomely weird enough, he also likes to make arch nemeses hug and make up, and also pairs up like-minded characters as best buddies for a friendly portrait.

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pic and info: Mike Joos

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  • Max

    lol, these are drawn like some fourteen year old. Ideas are nice but execution is kinda bad, sorry.

    • mark

      I’m guessing the “14-year-old effect” is on purpose.

  • Julian

    Saying that the execution of these is bad is childish. Art doesn’t have to be photorealistic all the time.
    But you could say, that this kind of art does not appeal to you.
    In my opinion these pictures are great!