Copywriter vs. Art Director

Copywriter vs. Art Director is a series of illustrations that depict the eternal dispute and differences between the two professions. While not everyone (especially Copywriters and Art Directors) might agree with each rendering, most are quite accurate, and all are entertaining.

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pic and info: Copywriter vs. Art Director

category: art  
  • mrkrft

    why apple? we can exhange

  • jonas

    so the art director doesn’t use his brain?

  • hartley

    Only .psd? Would it be more appropriate like this:

    .doc / .indd

  • asset

    hartley, you must work somewhere where the ADs do stuff besides use the words ‘maybe’ and ‘try’ 4 times per sentence.

  • kevin

    lots of thought and design put into this. very insightful. #seriously?

  • Brian

    Can someone explain the Copywriter side of the “Draw Something” one? a square that is separated into four sections with a number one? Is this suppose to be a crossword puzzle? or some awesome app I don’t know about?

    • mark

      It’s the Shortyz Crosswords app.

  • chad

    I didn’t realize there was a dispute between the two. A good art director will have copywriting sensibilities and vice versa.

  • Susan in PDX

    Wow. Not a single female in the lot.

  • Anand

    simple & awesome!

  • bangzy

    Blank book
    Draw Something
    Wacom tablet
    Apple computer….

    Guess I should switch to art directing….

  • Ida Jackson

    Neat! But why do the copywriter love loren ipsum? Isn´t that a placeholder art directors use?

  • Chandra Greer

    VERY cool visual exercise.

  • Alex

    This is way too generalized and inaccurate. Part of being a art director is considering every aspect that affects the design and creative process, including typography, copy, multi-media, and platforms.

  • Ofertata

    I really like all the comparisons between the Art Director and The Copywriter about their actual work on the computer like psd vs doc and apple vs windows :)

  • Tariq Hassan

    This seemed more like a comparison of art directors with Journalists or Authors.. I think there is plenty of space for Copywriters in these art director descriptions.. And Art directors love loren ipsum- it’s the copywriters that give us the words to exchange out.

    And an art director that doesn’t love type isn’t much of an art director in my opinion..

    I still love the illustrations nevertheless.. :)

  • alex

    seriously, the brain one is right on, the copywriter cliche, an misunderstood intelectual, a poet reduced to write supers…

  • Cindy

    This is great! I’ve been a copywriter for over 20 years and I’m married to an art director, so I can relate to this. I don’t agree with all the illustrations (I love Apple and love to draw) but I certainly enjoy expressing myself through words, where as the art directors I’ve worked with always want the design to take precedence. It’s a continuous battle.

  • eric

    Typical art director’s perspective….

  • Mm

    im gay

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  • Peyton Bowen

    Some of these be flat out stoopit! So, thanks for that.

    • Jason Postelwait

      So… account person?