Kidult Hits Margiela

The latest victim of an assault by street artist/vandal Kidult is the Maison Martin Margiela store located in the Belgian capital of Brussels. The piece reveals a new direction for Kidult as this is his most elaborate work to date. Instead of simply spraying his name or a one-word message on the building, he covered it with a heart along with the word “Love” scrawled over it. Located to the side is the phrase “OUR MISERY, NOT YOURS!”, and a trio of skull stencils can also be seen at the bottom of the piece. The hit couldn’t have been timed better as Margiela’s new collection for H&M hit stores just a few days ago.

So is Kidult an artist or vandal? Hero or Villain? Feel free to share your thoughts below.

Click image to enlarge.

pic and info: Street Art Belgium, photo by Sarah De Wée

category: art  
  • Michael M

    Kidult is a vandal/hero straight up and down.

  • dto

    not a fan of this dude. i get that he wants to stick it to the man and all but this is just ugly with zero skill.

  • skypenguin

    it seems looks like commercial initiated by brands sometimes