It’s safe to say that the fisheye has been the most popular lens used in skateboarding thanks to its ability to capture an ultra-wide angle making it easier to keep the skater in frame. The other advantage is how the fisheye distorts images thereby making obstacles, gaps, stairs, and drops look bigger than they actually are, resulting in a better-looking trick.

Los Angeles filmmaker, Russell Houghten has given the concept of the fisheye lens in skateboarding a whole new perspective. For his latest short video, he put a GoPro Hero 3 camera inside its waterproof housing and then dropped it into different fish bowls full of goldfish and filmed an unnamed skater doing a series of tricks.

Watch as the fish unassumingly swim along in their bowl as the GoPro captures both their tranquil, levitated state and the skater’s dynamic, skillful trickery.

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