Highs & Lows x Bellroy Wallet

Crafters of some of the finest slim wallets, Bellroy announce their first ever collaboration, and it’s with none other than premier Australian retailer, Highs and Lows. The piece they designed was the limited edition, slim fold Essentials Wallet. Blending the minimalist design approach of Bellroy with the street personality of Highs and Lows, the wallet was built from the ground up and designed with quality and accessibility in mind. Created to house your most important everyday essentials, it stores your bills flat and crisp with slots for two to four cards.

Featuring full grain leather on the inside and out, the Essentials Wallet comes with finished edging and embossed Bellroy x HAL logos throughout. With the ability to put your bills in flat and quick access slots for your everyday cards, it fits everything you need in a package that will slide easily in your front pocket.

Bellroy’s Brand Manager, Lincoln Eather said of the collaboration, “The appeal of working with Highs and Lows comes from them being a genuine, grass-roots street store, that packs a punch globally. As one of Bellroy’s OG retailers in Australia, it made sense to collaborate with people who have known the brand from the very beginning and resonate with the ideas that drive Bellroy. The whole process has taken over a year to get right, balancing the unique personality of Highs and Lows, with the minimalist design of Bellroy.”

Available now online.

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