[Sponsored] Nico & Vinz's New Track
is the Taste of the Summer

While summer brings sunshine and warm weather, it doesn’t however bring with it unlimited vacation time and empty beaches. Nor does it get rid of traffic jams and air conditioned cubicles. NESTEA, however teamed up with the internationally acclaimed Nico & Vinz to bring a little taste of summer freedom to everyone everywhere with a new music video.

Titled “Fresh Idea” the track conveys what summer is all about. It’s sunny, danceable, fun, and is the perfect tune for beach parties everywhere. But for those of us who can’t spend all our time lounging in the sand, NESTEA has our backs. Along with the brand new video, they have included the song in television spots and also a lyric video, which has been viewed over 220,000 times, spreading the message of how great life can be if you sit back a take a moment to enjoy it.

For the official “Fresh Idea” video, NESTEA took Nico & Vinz to the Hawaiian island of Kaua’i to shoot a music video that captures the incredible scenery of the tropical island while telling a universally relatable story. Amongst the white sand beaches and jungle covered peaks, a boy and girl meet on a fantasy vacation. Take a moment of freedom from your desk and check out the video above.

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