MASHKULTURE is Taking a Break

As you’ve probably noticed, things have been pretty slow here over the past couple months. They’re going to get even slower as there won’t be any updates in the foreseeable future. Time, energy, interest, and passion (or lack there of) has changed and evolved quite a bit since I launched the site ten years ago, and so I’m shifting focus in another direction. Thanks to everyone who enjoyed what this site offered throughout the past decade. Cheers.

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  • vtcram

    i for one want to thank you for all the great curated posts over the years. I came across mashkulture by mistake one day and it easily made it’s way to my bookmark bar for daily consumption. It pretty much mirrored my interests in music, fashion, and art. I’m sad to see it die but we all move on. so thanks man.

  • Yi Sun Kim

    I have truly enjoyed the posts over the years. thank you for sharing all those great photos, lookbooks, videos, music, and last, but not least, those magnificent monday moffs. good luck on your quest!

  • David WallB

    nice one bro!

  • point_gard

    Thanks for all the great content my man. Let us know where you land!

  • Tijana Bojović

    hoping that this is only temporary.. mashkulture should be a success, don’t turn it of!!!!!

  • Dtrell

    may the force be with you dude!.. letting go and expanding is never goodbye.. just hello differently!. cant wait till you grace my new feed again with something dope!.. Ps the MONDAY POST were the always dead on!. Catch you on the GRAM!.. or SNAP!..

  • masterbreez

    Wow, I am sad to hear this.. but I also want to thank you for all the great posts over the past 5-6 some odd years i have been following. I also found MashKulture by accident and it is by far one of my favorite sources of trend, fashion, and art. I hope you find what you are looking for, and in my own selfish way I hope you find a way to expand this with a team to allow it to continue.
    Best of Luck!

  • Zrínyi Marci

    I was following you for the last 7years, thanks for all the great content, and good luck with everything. cheers.

  • Peter

    Feels bad man I naively thought that websites go on forever haha. Sad to see you go. Followed since college 07 and you were the first site that made me realize that the internet can be an art hub. I appreciate your efforts for the past ten years or so and I wish you the best in the future. Peace Easy

  • Taps

    Great stuff. Thanks and good luck!

  • Carl Elbaz

    I really enjoy this blog! Thanks!!!!

  • kidmillionaire

    I’ve been reading the site for AT LEAST 9 years. And pretty much EVERYDAY. It was/is such a source of inspiration. Your well cured posts were really amazing, which puts Mashkultre amongst the top in the business! Thank you for all you’ve done and please, keep us informed on the next steps! Much love and God Bless!!!

  • S Vis

    Checked the site again aand was suprised there was no update. By now i’m used to your holiday posts and always excpect you back. Clicked your post this time to see when you would come back because this is the longest it ever took.

    Sad that your quitting men. Dont know how your site got in my life but it’s been a part of it ever since. Your blog contributed alot of quality to my life that i dont find elsewere. Your work is highly appreciated and valued. Will mis it alot. Thanks for everything!!

  • William

    I found this site years ago as a kid and I’ve been a fan since! I hope you decide to stick with it but wish you all the best. Top 3 sites of all time for me! Good luck.

  • Gustavo Biolcatti

    Miss This site… Hope you come back in a new 2017! My best from Brasil!